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About Membership

Incorporation of Eastern Europe Broadcast Engineers IEEBE – is the first branch in Eastern Europe that officially represents SBE. The Eastern European branch is authorized to train personnel throughout Europe, which means: Conducting trainings and open lectures; Preparing for international certification and ensuring passing the exam both in Georgia and in the United States of America.

Traditional Membership

Traditional membership includes bi-monthly issues of The Signal, the SBE’s print membership newsletter and e-publications including News, and Regulatory Alerts and Updates and the Career Advancement Newsletter.  Also included are SBE social media outlets, SBE JobsOnline, SBE Compensation Survey results, all at no additional cost.

Traditional membership also provides members with discounts for SBE certification, education programs and purchases at the SBE Bookstore. Members located near one of the  Chapters can also participate in their monthly meetings. The annual membership cost of traditional Regular, Senior and Associate membership is $85.


The SBE MemberPlus option includes all the benefits of traditional membership, plus unlimited access to the entire archived catalogue of SBE educational webinars and all new webinars produced during the membership year. There are currently more than 100 archived webinars available. The membership cost for the SBE MemberPlus option is $175 per year.

To recap, for an additional cost that is less than the price of two SBE webinars, those who choose the SBE MemberPlus option have access to a wide variety of broadcast technical, regulatory and safety educational topics for the entire membership year. Many of which can be used for SBE recertification credit.